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Our modern information systems produce unwieldy masses of data. Extracting decision-relevant information from this "heap" of data is an exacting task. The classical method employs the generating of reports. You can now create sophisticated reports for your decision-making process with , the Office Based Reporting Software. Find your way through the data jungle with and SCAI - the system consulting and software engineering specialists.

Gain more information and independence - while saving time and money.

ubion.ORS ... in a nutshell

  • Template creation with OpenOffice.org software
  • Templates in OASIS Open Document Format
  • Wide range of report formats
  • Extensive data connectivity (databases, XML, ...)
  • Visual Query Composer
  • Online Data Integration (without the need for ETL or data warehousing)

Firmly established basis ... OpenOffice.org and Eclipse

"Vorsprung durch Qualität" (Progress through Quality). employs only firmly established components which enjoy a solid reputation. Secure for yourself the advantages offered by the symbiosis of the most popular Open Source projects of our time - OpenOffice.org and Eclipse. Discover the flexibility of the plug-in world of Eclipse with .

Eclipse, Built on Eclipse and Eclipse Ready are trademarks of Eclipse Foundation, Inc

Report templates ... with OpenOffice.org suite

Don't waste your valuable time any longer on awkward, proprietary report generators. Improve the prestige of your reporting. Design your report templates with , using the license-free OpenOffice.org software suite. Escape from layout restrictions and let your reports shine with new-found quality. Profit from the extensive layout and formatting features of the powerful OpenOffice.org suite, now in Version 2.0 - better than ever.

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PDF, HTML ... or maybe you prefer RTF

Don't restrict your report formats to PDF or HTML. Generate output as DOC, DocBook, AportisDoc ... or, if need be, in multiple formats simultaneously.

Unlimited data connectivity ...

Accept no limits to the data you can query. With you can access a wide range of data sources. Whether from a database or XML – with you can query all your data. If your particular source is not yet covered, you can setup custom connections using our flexible connector architecture.

Simplified data selection ... with the Visual Query Composer

No need to worry about the various query dialects of different data sources. Concentrate your energy on the essentials. With the Visual Query Composer of you can select data for your report in visual form – irrespective of the source's query language. The occasional need for a native language statement is no problem – with you can execute queries directly in, for example, SQL or XQuery.

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Data integration ... without the need for ETL or data warehousing

No need for expensive and complicated Data Warehouse projects. Integrate your data without the need for complex ETL processes. Ensure your report data is up-to-the-minute. Integrate your data "on-the-fly" with the flyweight Online Data Integration Technology. Forget rigidly structured Data Warehouses and "tap" your operative systems directly.

A firm future ... with Open Document Format

Create your own templates in the format of the future: OASIS' XML-based Open Document Format.

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